So you have a website, small or large, simple or extensive, personal or business. Now to take that website to the highest level you can, you need a great web hosting provider. What features should you look for? What separates Joomla web hosting from Drupal web hosting and Tomcat web hosting? Let’s take a look at what might be your best choice for either cheap web hosting or business web hosting.

We’ll start by explaining the cheap web hosting option called Tomcat which is a free, open source container developed by a company called Apache Software Foundation. Because this option is what they call cross platform it can be used for everything from Windows to Linux. Being open source means some of the best designers in the country have weighed in an added their own expertise. But being open source and free also means you will not have the kind of customer service you will have at others that have a fee. One of the newer options in business web hosting and web hosting providers that also happens to be free, is Drupal. You’ll find it being used around the world for knowledge databases and community web portals ranging from both corporate and personal websites.

What is the most popular open source company on the market? That title just might go to Joomla web hosting. While not free like those web hosting providers listed above, it can be very affordable. Depending on your website and exactly what you need the cost can run from a few dollars a month and up. Obviously your needs for business web hosting will be different than someone with a personal website. Some things to consider when choosing just how many bells and whistles you need would be do you need a great deal of storage, what type of speeds do you require and do you expect to need easy access to customer service? Once you know those answers, you’ll know which version you will need.

There are more options than ever when it comes to choosing a web host provider. Knowing what you need before you make your choice can not only make it easier but can make sure that the option you end up with fits you and your needs. From cheap web hosting like Tomcat web hosting and Drupal web hosting to the inexpensive and popular Joomla web hosting the opportunities for business web hosting are limitless.